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adb777's Graphics
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All of my graphics use to be at my old graphics journal wackoslytherin. However, I went on a long hiatus due to personal life and wanted a fresh start. So now we have ladys_graphics.

I mainly make 100x100 icons, but sometimes I may make other graphocs as well and throw them into the missing pot with the icons. Feel free to use any of the graphics that I create, but plese adhere to the rules mentioned below before doing so.
1 - No hotlinking
2 - Please credit me as either adb777 or ladys_graphics
3 - No personal alterations to anything without my permission
4 - Comment if taking
5 - Please no bashing of myself or anyone else

If you have any questions please free to ask in any post and I'll be more than happy to answer. :)
If you wish to become an affiliate please comment in any post.

shadow_icons, hymnah
If you would like to see any awards that I have won since the return of my hiatus they can be found here. The post is heavy in images.